Operations and Maintenance

  • Building/bootstrapping machines, configuring, installing packages, maintaining and operating infrastructure
  • Maintaining, deploying, operating cloud/hybrid infrastructure in AWS, GCP, Azure, Bare Metal & on-premise

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Monitoring, investigating, troubleshooting; devOps P1/5XX incidents and performance issues OOO & IOH
  • Consulting, advising, and designing request flow for web, mobile and Api calls via reverse proxy and CDN
  • Identifying, replicating, investigating bugs and raising feature requests to product/engineering


  • Consulting, helping, and configuring customer data centre migrations to & from different cloud/hybrid platforms

Support workflows 

  • Creating and designing customer communication channels, workflows and process to efficiently communicate with customers and meet SLA’s
  • Designing workflows and process for internal communications from 1st line to product development and new features 

Migrations and Integrations 

  • Help create project plans, customer communication workflows to efficiently migrate applications and infrastructure 
  • Train product support engineers to efficiently use application and tools after mergers and acquisition