Python deep dive

There are numerous online learning tutorials and resources available to help you learn Python. These resources provide step-by-step guidance, practice exercises, and examples to solidify your understanding. Whether you prefer interactive platforms, video tutorials, or written materials, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a deep dive into Python, along with five online learning tutorial resources and five video links from reliable sources on the internet:

Online Learning Tutorials:

  1. The official Python website offers a comprehensive tutorial that covers Python fundamentals, syntax, and concepts. Visit:
  2. Codecademy: Codecademy provides an interactive Python course suitable for beginners. It allows you to practice coding directly in your web browser. Visit:
  3. Coursera: “Python for Everybody” is a popular Python course offered on Coursera by the University of Michigan. It covers Python basics and web scraping. Visit:
  4. Real Python: Real Python provides a collection of Python tutorials, articles, and resources. It covers various Python topics, from beginner to advanced levels. Visit:
  5. W3Schools: W3Schools offers a Python tutorial with examples and exercises. It’s a beginner-friendly resource for learning Python online. Visit:

Video Tutorials:

  1. Corey Schafer’s Python Tutorial (YouTube): Corey Schafer’s Python tutorial series covers Python basics, web development with Django, and more. Watch:
  2. Sentdex’s Python Programming Tutorials (YouTube): Sentdex’s video tutorials cover a wide range of Python topics, including machine learning, data analysis, and web scraping. Watch:
  3. Python Crash Course – Full Course for Beginners ( – YouTube): This video tutorial provides a comprehensive introduction to Python programming for beginners. Watch:
  4. Python Programming Beginner Tutorial (thenewboston – YouTube): thenewboston’s Python tutorial series covers Python basics and introduces various concepts step by step. Watch:
  5. Python Basics – Introduction for Beginners (Telusko – YouTube): This tutorial by Telusko offers a beginner-friendly introduction to Python, covering basic concepts and syntax. Watch:

These resources will help you get started with Python, and with practice, you’ll gain proficiency in this versatile programming language.