How to programme in Python


Python programming environment is needed to translate human friendly language into computer friendly language. An environment contains python interpreter files that translate the code written in Python language. Here is the how to steps.

Install Python: Imagine you’re building a house, and Python is like the toolbox you need. First, you have to download and install Python on your computer. Think of it as getting the right tools ready.

Write your code:

Now that you have Python installed, it’s time to write your program. Think of it as giving instructions to a robot. You can use a special text editor or a program that helps you write code, just like writing a recipe. 


Structure your program:

Every program needs a structure. In Python, you can start by defining a main function, which is like a central point for your instructions. It’s similar to a table of contents in a book.

Add instructions:

Just like giving directions to someone, you can add statements and functions to your program. These instructions tell Python what to do, step by step. You can use variables to store information and perform calculations, loops to repeat tasks, and conditional statements to make decisions.

Use Python’s toolbox:

Python comes with a bunch of pre-made tools, just like a real toolbox. These tools are called modules and can help you do many different things, like working with dates, making web requests, or doing math calculations. You can use these tools to make your program more powerful and save time.

Run your program:

Once you’re done writing your program, it’s time to run it. Think of it as pressing a play button to see your instructions come to life. You can run your program from a special window or within the program you’re using to write code.

Use Replit :

Replit for quickest way to start coding using Python online

That’s it! Programming in Python is like giving instructions to a robot using a specific language (Python), and by following these steps, you can create all sorts of useful programs.