Example Class in Python:

Create an account for 3 different departments + give me (print,display) example of name belongs to each department.

  1. Management
  2. Sales
  3. Accountant

Each account has Name, department, and email common attribute to have.


class Account:

            def __init__(self,name,department,email):

                     self.name = name

                     self.department = department

                     self.email = email

mang = Account("Oliver","Tech Support","oliver.rich@example.com")

sale = Account("Abbas","Sales","abbas@example.com")

acco = Account("Abdul","Accountants","abdul@isb.com")

print(f”Example of Manager, the name of the manager is: {mang.name} , and the department is: {mang.department}”)


Example of Manager, the name of the manager is: Oliver , and the department is: Tech Support